Genre Grandeur – Addicted to Love (1997)

For my next guest reviewer for Genre Grandeur, I present you with a review from Paul from Pfeifferpfilmsandmegmovies.  His site is completely devoted to these two amazing leading ladies (Michelle Pfieffer and Meg Ryan) from the 80’s and 90’s and onward.  If you don’t already follow him, I suggest you do so.

Now on to his review….
addicted to loveNumber of Times Seen – Twice in theatres on its initial release. Double figures on DVD.
Brief SynopsisAddicted to Love is a black romantic comedy. A dark tale of jilted lovers Maggie (Meg Ryan) and Sam (Matthew Broderick) who cross paths in New York where they discover that their ex-partners are now living with each other. Sam hopes to win back the affections of school teacher Linda (Kelly Preston), but Maggie’s only intention is to see former lover Anton (Tcheky Karyo) “in pain, hopeless and finished off.”


My Take on it- Addicted to Love is a polar opposite of most romantic comedies, and you really have to dig beneath the surface of the film to find any layer of sweetness and silver linings. Director Griffin Dunne, enlivens proceedings with an arresting visual flair, constantly surprising with careful shot compositions that make the viewer as much of a spy as Ryan and Broderick; who use a camera obscura to spy on their former flames, while hatching an elaborate scheme to avenge their sadly-broken hearts.1

Erstwhile Queen of rom-com Meg Ryan traded in her usual sparkle for something far more brittle and belligerent here, and she was never more fetching, whether in biking leathers and boots, or a gorgeous tie-dye dress. She also dons a rasping voice, to deliver a plethora of risqué lines to the straight-laced Broderick. There’s never any doubt what’s eventually going to happen between this odd couple, but the 90 minutes from the beginning to the inevitable conclusion are well worth watching. Partly for the clever dialogue and black humour, but mostly for the magnetism of Meg and her character Maggie.



Bottom Line- Addicted to Love may not be a rom-com redux of Rear Window, but it did bring some originality to what had become a very predictable genre.

Rating- Addicted to Love Globe Worthy, Meg Ryan Oscar Worthy.


Thanks again to Paul for his wonderful review of this movie.

Just a reminder, if anyone wants to still send me their posts for this series, email them to me at before 25th April.  Can’t wait to see what your favorite rom-com is.

5 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Addicted to Love (1997)

  1. Thanks for the welcome Rob.
    Addicted to Love may not have ascended to the lofty box office heights of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, but it’s kind of fun to watch Meg Ryan suppressing her usual mannerisms to immerse herself in a bizarre romantic comedy featuring voyeurism, mouldy strawberries, and monkeys wearing lipstick.

    Good luck with the rest of April’s Genre Grandeur.


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