SK Olympics – Cast a Giant Shadow – Israel

Mikey generously led me provide a second entry into his Olympic Blogathon. If you haven’t already checked it out, I strongly urge you to do so


In the past I’ve poked fun about the huge amount of films MovieRob watches and reviews.  I always had a little chuckle to myself at the light-hearted humour.  Then when I started this blogathon I discovered Rob is from Detroit.  It made me sit back and think “Detroit is quite a dangerous place, should I worry about MovieRob?”.  “Nah, that’s silly, he’s probably just your average American dude”.  However as I and soon you will discover, MovieRob left Detroit and became a member of the fucking Israeli Defense Force.  As in, those highly trained killers that don’t mess around.  This lead me to the following mantra which you all need to repeat next time you visit his site – Do. Not. Fuck. With. MovieRob.  Now that i’ve dealt with that, here’s his review 🙂


Screenkicker Olympics – Israel

Cast a Giant Shadow (1966) – MovieRob

After graduating high…

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3 thoughts on “SK Olympics – Cast a Giant Shadow – Israel

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