May Update



Hey Guys,

Hope everything is going well and you are having a great month so far.

Just wanted to update a few things for you all.

I have decided that this month, I’m gonna try to ONLY watch (and review) movies that I’ve never seen before. Yes, there are many of those out there and I’m gonna force myself to not watch anything I’ve already seen before.

(Two small caveats to that – This month I will be reviewing an expanded movie series that has 8 movies in all for my Milestone Marathon – 750, so those 8 don’t count (No, it’s NOT Harry Potter!!) and I will also be reviewing my favorite Crime movie, so that also doesn’t count)

I currently have 50+ movies on queue that I’ve never seen, but I’m also willing to accept recommendations from you great people for movies that you think I should see that I’ve somehow overlooked.

I realize that you have no way of knowing what I’ve seen or not (only I do)  :), BUT, you can do one of two things to try and figure that out:

1 – Check out my Movie Index. (As of today, I’ve seen and reviewed 720 movies and they are all indexed on this page, I even list the movies that I’ve recently watched and haven’t yet posted reviews for by adding a “coming soon” tag next  to the film’s title.)

2. You can ask me.  You can either comment here or send me an email at (or just


I’d also like to remind everyone that the Genre theme for my Genre Grandeur for May is Crime.  Please send me your review of your favorite Crime related themed movie to and I’ll post it.

Thanks for all of your help in making this site fun.

Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “May Update

  1. Great man! Sounds like a great goal, have fun with it!

    I’m still cooking something up for the crime genre! I can’t wait until you get it in your inbox! 😉


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