Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

boys dont cry“Shut up, that’s your business. I don’t care if you are half monkey or half ape, I’m gettin’ you out of here!

Number of Times Seen – 1 (16 May 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Based on the true story of a woman who felt she was a man born into the wrong body and how he/she tries to find life and love in Nebraska in the early 1990’s.

My Take on it – Knowing that this film deals with a very deep and disturbing storyline, I have avoided watching this for years.

I’m actually very glad that I finally got around to watching this based solely on the realistic performances by the three main actors involved here.

Hilary Swank won her first Best Actress Oscar for this movie (she also won 5 years later for Million Dollar Baby (2004) as the title character) for her very realistic portrayal of Brandon Teena / Teena Brandon.

Chloe Sevigny and Peter Sarsgaard are both also excellent here as the two central figures in Brandon’s life.

The subject matter here is very deep and disturbing, but in actuality, this is a pure love story and how two people seeking love find it and don’t care what anybody else thinks about it.

I have seen comparison’s between this movie and Brokeback Mountain (2005), but I think that Swank and Sevigny do a much better job of evoking love than the boys of Brokeback did IMHO.  Both stories deal with forbidden love in different ways and I just found this one to feel much more believable.

This movie shows people trying to live their lives the way they want to and it’s made pretty well.

Bottom Line – Excellent performances by Swank, Sevigny and Sarsgaard. Not an easy film to watch even if you know the true story, but still worth while. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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