Request for HELP from a fellow blogger



Hey Guys,


Hope someone out there can be of assistance to me.

I was just informed today at work, that it looks like I will be going to a 3 day conference in Bonn, Germany in a few weeks.

I’m gonna be free every day from around 4pm, so in order to fill my time, I hope to go see at least one movie each night in the theater, but….

From what I’ve heard, they dub movies and TV in Germany, so if I were to go to a theater, I wouldn’t understand anything.

Does anyone know if this is true and if it isn’t (and it’s possible to see movies non-dubbed) does anyone know how to find movies that will be showing in English only??

I’ve never been to Germany before and since I’m not really a night-life person, I’d rather either sit in my hotel and watch stuff on my laptop or preferably go to the theater.

Any assistance would be most helpful.





2 thoughts on “Request for HELP from a fellow blogger

  1. Wish I could be of help but I’ve never been to Bonn before. I agree though I can’t stand dubbed movies. Hope you can find ones w/ subtitles on them, Rob.


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