Enough Said (2013)

 enough-said“The Container Store. The store that sells crap so you can put your crap in so you can go out and buy some more crap.” – Albert

Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 May 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Two divorcees trying to find love and happiness meet at a party and both try to get their love-lives back on track.

My Take on it – Rarely does a rom-com come around that makes you feel as if the characters are real people as opposed to handsome/beautiful actors acting the part.

James Gandolfini isn’t the actor one would normally think of for a rom-com because of his looks and figure, but he worked so well here in one of his final roles.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss plays also her part so genuinely that you can feel the chemistry between them in every scene.

This movie has the right amount of humor and seriousness to make it work.

You can feel their hesitations about each other, but also see the things that at bring them together.

My wife and I (who are both on our second marriages) laughed so hard at the truths presented here from people who are trying to make things work better the second time around.  There were numerous nuances that we both recognized from when we ourselves were dating and also about what we think about past mistakes along with the difficulties of also dealing with kids in these new kind of situations.

I actually wish that I had seen this movie months ago so that I could justify adding it to my 2013 top ten, but being that we are 5 1/2 months into 2014, I think the list should be locked as it already is.

This movie was a pleasure to watch and I wish it would have had a bigger draw to a larger audience.

’nuff said!!! 🙂

Bottom Line – Excellent rom-com that makes you feel that it’s genuine and not Hollywoodish. Great acting by Gandolfini (in one of his final roles) and Louis-Dreyfuss.  Has a lot of truths about second chances and how we relate to past mistakes in life. Highly Recommended.

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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5 thoughts on “Enough Said (2013)

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  2. Glad you enjoyed this film! One of my favorite films of last year. I gave it a pretty glowing review. The chemistry, acting, story and comedic emotion were all so natural and so damn endearing. This movie should get so much more attention than it currently gets. I’m glad you checked it out and Gandolfini’s performance was made all that more bittersweet after his tragic and sudden passing. He’ll be missed. Nice job, man!


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