The Alamo (2004)

 alamo2004“You will remember this battle! Each minute! Each second! Until the day that you die! But that is for tomorrow, gentlemen. For today, Remember The Alamo! ” – Sam Houston

Number of Times Seen – 1 (23 May 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Another retelling of the story of the heroic men who defended the Alamo from invading Mexican forces in 1836.

My Take on it – I have always been a history buff and stories like The Alamo have always been inspirational to me.

I have seen the John Wayne version numerous times and have always enjoyed and been moved to almost tears every time I watch it.

I even had the opportunity 5 years ago to even visit the site of The Alamo when I was at a conference in San Antonio. (I played hookie one morning since I couldn’t miss the chance to visit the site knowing that I’ll probably never be back).

I have purposely avoided watching this version because I had little doubt that this movie would not be able to even come close enough and be as good as the previous version.

I was right and wrong at the same time.

Wayne’s version spent much more time on the characters of davu Crockett, his men and the other defenders.  This gave the viewer more familiarity with the characters as their fates were revealed to us, thereby giving a stronger impact for each characters heroic death.

That version only told the story itself and gave little attention to the events preceding and following the battle of The Alamo.

This movie, spends much less time on the characters and when they die, they mostly just seem like canon fodder instead of heroic men giving their lives for a worthy cause.  Even Mrs. Dickerson, the only adult survivor isn’t fleshed out.

The movie does tell us of some of the events leading up to the battle and also gives us a fitting aftermath.

The casting in the original was also better;  Wayne was a better Crockett and Widmark was a better Jim Bowie.  Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patrick both looked lost in those roles.

Ultimately tho, this movie does the job of telling an important story about heroic men.

Bottom Line – Nice re-telling of the story, but still not as magnificent as the original John Wayne version. Liked how they also told the rest of the story following the Battle of the Alamo. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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