Genre Grandeur – Kick Ass (2010)

For our next entry into this months Genre Grandeur – Comic Book/ Superhero movies, I present you with a review of Kick Ass (2010) by none other than the King of Shitfest, Eric of theipc. If you don’t already follow his site, you’re really missing out because he ALWAYS posts hilarious movie reviews, is the creator and engine behind the award winning Shitfest series, 2 shitfest scoals (so far) and every so often even reviews a good movie. 🙂

It isn’t too late for you all to join in on the fun, all you have to do is send an email with your review of your favorite comic book/ superhero movie to before the 25th of the month and I’ll post it.



Hello – well wait… on my site I call my readers The Most Beloveds or The Probies – what do we call Rob’s readers? Robbers?


Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Robbers!! I’ve missed out on the last two (or three #shame ) of these Genre runs but I have always intended to be involved. I’ve been strapped for time up at work and then spent five days and nights being pimped out as a sex slave in the Mexican underground but I crawled and swam my way back home. As I convalesce, I think that I might have found a way to get involved out here. Because I’m smart and classy and sexy and not stinky and everything else and all of that shit. So – to keep the fire burning – I offer up one of the first things I ever wrote out here: KICK ASS!




About five minutes into it I was hooked. I loved the cinematography, I really enjoyed the cast, the costumes were great, the action was intense (and very exciting for me since most superhero movies are tamed down into kiddie land), there were buckets of blood, the dialog was hilarious and adult and there were some VERY original scenes during the film that reminded me of the first time I saw Boondock Saints and I was blown away that someone was actually still original, creative and BALLS OUT KICK ASS!


I can see how this movie would be off-putting to parents whose kids want to go see another Spiderman or Superman. This is a hard R all the way and it rocked the entire time. SO- if you’re worried about seeing it, here’s a quick summary:  loads of blood, lots and lots of cussing, lots and lots of dead characters and a whole lot of AWESOME.


KA2Here’s a longer synopsis: Nerdy comic book geek decides to dress up like a super hero and protect the abused or needy (i think this appeals to me so much because that’s all I wanted to do as a kid too), gets into a tangle at the local Kwickie Mart which is captured on YouTube and becomes an internet sensation. This gets the eye of two actual costume-y “crimefighters” (an ex cop and his daughter) who are out to even the score with the local mafioso (Mark Strong). Through good storytelling, the mafioso thinks Kick Ass! is picking his men off, stealing his money and destroying his reputation, while it’s actually Big Daddy (Nic Cage in his best role in YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAARRS) and his wicked daughter Hit Girl, evening the score for wrongs committed against Daddy and his wife. Before too long, the mafioso’s son (Mintz Plasse {or McLovin}) decides to gain favor of his dad by setting up Kick Ass by pretending to be on his side as Red Mist complete with Mistmobile. Chaos ensues and then it ends, all too quickly for me. They have it set up for a sequel and I sure hope they make it, but I think the comic has to be written first. (Eric note: they did and I loved it too!)


Whoever marketed this thing did a terrible job as this was nothing like i really expected.  I was expecting some sort of lame copy of those Spy Kids children’s movies by Robert Rodriguez, but this was one of the coolest “super hero” movies I have seen in years.


Kick Ass kicks ass! I watched it Friday night and loved it so much I watched it again on Saturday afternoon. (Eric note: and about a dozen more times since then!)




Thanks again to Eric for this great review.

20 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Kick Ass (2010)

    • I actually really liked the sequel but a bunch of people didn’t… It’s pretty much the same – I don’t know what people were expecting…


  1. Spock Chop,

    Love this review… I should probably really watch this… #shame. I never did because you are right, they never marketed it right, in my eyes it is still a kid’s movie hahaha!



      • I just felt the sequel sort of regressed into this idiotic gross out comedy in parts. Went away from all the really insightful stuff that the first one had going on. And weirdly, I also thought the sequel just ignored the character of Kick-Ass for massive stretches of the film. You barely got a sense of that character.


  2. Hahaha well done, buddy! I really need to watch Kick Ass, don’t I? Pretty sure I’d love it. As for that Mexican slave trade deal…Miguel just got a machine gun and informed me that he’s “taking a little trippy trip across the border.” It sounds like your loyal progeny intends to exact some very violent revenge…Dios mio–Miguel es el diablo…


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