Milestone Marathon – The Matrix Trilogy

matrix trilogy

Well, it’s that time once again, I have reached a new movie milestone and for reaching 800 movies reviewed by me, I chose to watch and review the 3 Matrix movies.

Unlike my previous marathons, where I was quite familiar with all of the movies and had seen them multiple upon multiple times, of this trilogy, I only have seen the first one numerous times.  At the time, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the two sequels and therefore, this was only my second viewing of each of them.

I have loved the first one every since I first saw it 15 years ago (wow, was it really that long ago?) and The Wachowski Brothers really blew everyone’s minds with their storyline, characters and ultimately the world(s) created for the movie.

I believe that the hype and the $$ “forced” them to try and expand on that amazing idea and they just couldn’t deliver it as well in the sequels.

Here are my reviews of all 3 Matrix movies.

Let me know your thoughts on them too!

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