Infernal Affairs (2002)

infernalaffairs “Remember this, if you see someone doing something but at the same time watching you… then he is a cop. ” – Keung

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jun 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Two men (a cop and a criminal) each imbedded in the enemy’s organization must try to root each other out before they are discovered by the other.

My Take on it – I have actually avoided this movie for years.

Ever since I was enthralled by The Departed (2006), I was curious to see the movie it was based on, but being that this movie is not in English (and you all know how much I dislike watching movies in foreign languages), I steered clear for so long.

I think that if I would have seen this movie BEFORE I saw Scorsese’s masterpiece, I would have enjoyed it more, but since I constantly knew what to expect, the full impact that this movie should have was unfortunately lost on me.

I think Scorsese’s version is much better because it expands on some of the themes in this movie and is over an hour longer, but this movie does a great job conveying the loneliness and despair that men living a lie must constantly deal with.

I liked how they established that the length of time spanned over a decade giving the idea more credence.

I was originally planning on seeking the sequels, but I think I need to wait a bit before I watch them.

Having said all that, I am still extremely glad that I finally saw this.

Bottom Line – Excellent idea, but I think Scorsese’s The Departed (2006) told the story better as an English language remake of this. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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6 thoughts on “Infernal Affairs (2002)

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  2. I was not aware The Departed was based upon this. On that knowledge alone I should def check Infernal Affairs out, but I will be prepared for a slightly less good version of Scorsese’s flick. Good review Rob. 🙂


    • Thanks for commenting Tom.

      There are many people who think that the original is better, but I still stick with my initial comment that The Departed (2006) is much better.

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!


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