The Way (2010)

 the-way“You don’t choose a life, dad. You live one” – Daniel

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 Jun 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A father travels to Europe in order to retrieve the remains of his son who died from an accident during a trip across Spain.  This trip leads to his own journey.

My Take on it – Last week, I happen to read Ruth’s excellent post dedicated to movie father-child relationships in honor of Father’s Day and saw that she had mentioned this movie starring Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez and even directed by Estevez himself.

I had never even heard of this and the story intrigued me enough to seek it out. I then found myself watching this movie on my laptop on my return trip home from Germany last Wednesday.

This was such an amazing movie with a very strong message about relationships.

The script and characters are all written so well that each and every one of us can imagine ourselves in the same situations.

The story is a journey of discovery and was sparked by Estevez’s own love for the Pilgrimage trail of ‘El camino de Santiago’ in Spain.

This movie was made with such familial love that it is only fitting that Sheen and Estevez play father-son because we can feel the love flowing between them whenever their characters interacts or even just reflect upon each other.

Every one of us seeks something in life and each character embodies a different (physical and spiritual) journey that one might wish to make to help them fulfill their life’s dreams or wishes.

A huge thanks to Ruth for recommending this one!

Bottom Line – Great film with an extraordinary message. Movingly made by father-son team of Sheen and Estevez. Gives everyone watching the feeling that they are also part of the journey that the characters partake in. Highly Recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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15 thoughts on “The Way (2010)

  1. Hey thanks Rob for the mention. I’m glad you gave this a shot. I quite like the father-son storyline though the film is not perfect. I thought that the familial theme is quite strong here, given that Emilio directed his dad on this one. They both actually introduced the movie at the screening, and talked a bit about the experience making it.


    • This time the thanks goes entirely to you for suggesting it. 😀 I’m very jealous that you got to hear them talk about it. I only had the privilege to be at one screening with s director and that was for the Believer (2001) with Henry Bean which was so powerful. He even did a q & a afterwards and I got to ask him two questions. Wish I had to more opportunities like that!


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