Neighbors (2014)

 neighbors“Do you think maybe we’ve gone too far? I’m a child of divorce and I sympathize with them.” – Pete

Number of Times Seen – 1 (22 Jun 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A young married couple have their lives turned inside out when a fraternity moves in to the house next door.

My Take on it – Outside of the US, this movie is known as Bad Neighbors because of the very popular Australian TV show by that name.

These two premises are so far apart, I’m not too sure anyone really would make a mistake like that.

The jokes here wear out their welcome after a third of the movie has gone by and as much as I wanted to like these characters, my opinion of them just got lower and lower as the movie dragged on.

The premise in general is clever but would probably be more suited for an SNL skit or even a 30 minute idea, but by the end of the movie, I just wanted all the characters to die because they all got so annoying.

On second thought, perhaps this should be called Bad Neighbors all across the globe because this movie is so bad!

Bottom Line – Has a few laughs but the novelty wears off fairly quickly. I think this would have worked much better as a skit on Saturday Night Live as opposed to being a full length movie. Pretty much a waste of time

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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16 thoughts on “Neighbors (2014)

  1. Spot on. I didn`t realise that`s why they renamed it “Neighbours`. Curses, Kylie Minogue! 🙂 I just thought calling it Bad Neighbours was inviting criticism. In any event, for me the film didn`t live up to the hype or the trailer, which made it look like it was going to be Animal House for the 21st Century. It isn`t. It isn`t even Old School (which it borrows a lot from). Its jokes wear thin and worse, it seems the story was left to meander a little too much; it tries to be too many things at once: it`s about parenthood and how it cramps your style, but it`s also about growing up and becoming an adult, and the subplot about Zac Efron’s character being too stupid to get a decent job offer felt shoehorned in. Also, Dave Franco is appealing, but he’s less talented than his older brother, so casting him as the brains didn’t work for me. in fact, if Efron and Franco had swapped roles, I think it would have worked better (I think Efron could yet be a serious actor). As for Seth Rogen, it was standard stoner bullshit from him, and that has become old. The best thing about the entire thing was Lisa Kudrow: she only has a couple of scenes, but the other cast members could learn a thing or two from her about comic timing. I was going to post a review of this on my blog, but honestly, an hour after watching it, I’d forgotten it. A shame, really, because the potential was there to make a truly great comedy.


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  3. Good review, my friend, but…disagree!!! Lol. I actually liked this one quite a lot. It’s not the best comedy ever, but I think Rogen and Byrne are hysterical together, and Efron is pretty funny, too, for that matter. This movie has much more heart than I expected, and for that reason it’s tied for my favorite comedy of the year (right up there with 22 Jump Street). Sorry to hear you didn’t care for it!


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