The War At Home (1996)

The_War_at_Home“[narration] The history of my family, like the history of civilization, is the history of war. The getting into it, and outta it, and over it… and Vietnam should have been no different. But it was. It’s final battle was fought on an unrecognized front, far from the shellings and the napalm and the guns and the shooting… it was a battle my brother Jeremy fought when he came back. ” – Karen Collier

Number of Times Seen – 1  (29 Jun 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The effects of Vietnam on a Texan family when there only son returns from overseas very confused as to how he should be feeling.

My Take on it – Having watched The Way (2010) ten days ago, I was interested in watching another of the collaborations between father-son duo Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.

There are many movies that have dealt with soldiers reintegrating into their own lives after viewing the horrors of war.  Some deal with physical handicaps like Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Coming Home (1978) or others dealt with the psychological effects of veterans like In Country (1988) or Taxi Driver (1978).  Some even dealt with both like The Best Years of Our Lives (1946).

This movie takes the same theme and focuses on a small Southern family and how they all deal in different ways with the return of a loved one.

Many of the scenes show heated arguments and we can see the fire and love in the voices.  Basically the script is so powerful, it oozes emotions out of all the actors.

The 4 leads are all superb.. Besides Sheen and Estevez, Kathy Bates and Kimberly Williams play the female side of the familial unit.

This film is based on a play called Homefront by playwright James Duff.

Sheen and Estevez play father son very well letting their true relationship shine on screen. I was once again very impressed by the movie that they made together.

I hope that they find a way to continue their collaboration in the future.

Bottom Line – Excellent story that takes into account all of the people involved in trying to help a family member reintegrate into society after seeing the horrors of war.  All 4 main actors are superb; Sheen, Estevez, Williams and Bates all shine thru in their respective roles. Highly Recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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