Calvary (2014)

calvary“I think she’s bipolar, or lactose intolerant, one of the two” – Jack Brennan

Number of Times Seen – 1 (29 Jun 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A local priest is threatened while taking confession and chooses to deal with it by himself instead of via the authorities.

My Take on it – I was quite skeptical about this subject and for some reason had very low expectations for it.

This movie actually took me by surprise because I didnt have a clue as to how good it would be.

The characters were all quite colorful and it gave a very interesting depiction of small town life in rural Ireland.

The choice of Brenden Gleeson as the main character wad a great one because he makes the viewer believe his character and his motivations. He has already been nominated for numerous awards and it wont surprise me if he also gets an Oscar nod next year.

The whole story has a very spiritual and religious allegorical message that not being a Catholic myself was slightly lost on me, but looking back, I can appreciate what they did.

The script uses the whole whodunit in an interesting way because since only the priest knows who threatened him, the viewer must try to figure it out by the subtle clues dropped here and there. I am willing to admit that I was taken by surprise since I didnt pick up on some of the clues.

Perhaps I will watch this again in the coming months to look out more keenly for the clues I missed.

Bottom Line – Excellent portrayal of small town life in Ireland. Brenden Gleeson is amazing as the main character. Interesting manner of a whodunit mystery. Clever allegorical message.
Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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7 thoughts on “Calvary (2014)

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  3. I have been hearing so many good things about this film! I feel like it kind of popped up out of nowhere. Sounds very well done though. Might have to check into it! Nice job, Rob! 🙂


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