Touching the Void (2003)

touching the void“We climb ’cause it’s fun. And mainly it was fun. That’s all we ever did. And we were fairly anarchic and fairly irresponsible, and we didn’t give a damn about anyone else or anything else, and we just wanted to climb the world. And it was fun. It was just brilliant fun. And…[pause]Every now and then it went wildly wrong. And…[short laugh] then it wasn’t.” – Joe Simpson

Number of Times Seen – 1  (9 Jul 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Docudrama based on the true story of two friends who encountered unforeseen problems during a dangerous mountain climb in Peru in 1985.

My Take on it – I’m not generally an advocate for documentaries, but when I heard about this one, the real story of courage and survival reeled me in.

The ordeal that these two climbers faced sounds so terrifying that hearing the story told by the two of them as we watch actors re-enact their steps make it so powerful.

Director Kevin Macdonald expertly merges his interviews with the real men with the trek of the actors portraying them and we get the feeling that everything is actually happening as we watch.

These men are true inspirations!

Bottom Line – Extremely powerful movie that not only shows the harrowing expedition but is told directly by the courageous men who experienced it. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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