Genre Grandeur – Dark Angel (1990)

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Here’s Mikey with his review of Dark Angel (1990)





Dark Angel (1990)


Hey you know what would be fun? If I reviewed a film purely based on the memories I have of watching it when I was 10 in 1992. No? Well i’m doing it anyway, you’ll thank me for helping you uncover a real gem of an alien movie. The film is called Dark Angel (not to be confused with that Jessica Alba TV show no one watched) and it stars 80s hard man and chemical engineering graduate Dolph Lundgren. Ok, the memories are coming, let’s do this!


Here’s a pic of Alba, just because..


Dark Angel tells the story of an alien that look like a cross between Julian Sands and the one out of the Bee Gees that doesn’t look like a lion. The alien comes to earth and begins to kill people. The murders appear to for the purpose of milking a white substance out of them (easy guys) for reasons that make no sense later. The only thing standing in his way is Dolph Lundgren and the guy out of the TV show Dream On. Table9Mutant will remember it so go ask her about it.


His cataracts were a constant issue

This mismatched duo of cops attempt to track down the non-lion Bee Gee and bring him to justice. What follows is Lundgren being a loose cannon who doesn’t play by the rules and his straight-laced partner literally quoting the rule book just in case you didn’t pick up on the difference between the two men. Which is actually quite fun.


A lot of the film appears to be based around unintended sexual innuendo. First we have the white gloop that the alien sucks out his victims. Secondly the original title for the movie was ‘Lethal Contact’ which sounds like a violent porno. Also it was later released in the US as ‘I Come in Peace’ which could also be the name of a documentary of the time Eric spends in the third floor bathroom.


The finger smelling scene was gratuitous


That’s about as much as I remember about a film I last saw 20 years ago apart from the amazing one-liner Dolph trots out during the final battle:


Bee Gee alien: “I come in peace!”


Dolph: “And you’ll go in pieces, asshole”


Goodtimes. Check out Dark Angel, it might actually be shit but i have fond memories of watching it as a child.


Thanks again to Mikey for this great review!!


8 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Dark Angel (1990)

  1. Reblogged this on Screenkicker! and commented:
    Alien films used to be the comic book movies of their day. Instead of superheroes being smart-asses and craving shwarma we had cool sci-fi classics that made you think and blew your tiny mind. Dark Angel isn’t one of these but it’s still a memorable action film. Read what I thought about it on trained killer MovieRob’s site as part of his Genre Grandeur series. Enjoy!


  2. hahaha another fantastic slice of life from Mikey!! I think I’ll just go with this review for now and experience it that way. The violent porno thing and the image of Eric on the third floor has somewhat. . .tainted. . .this product for me. I fear for what might pop up on screen now


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