MovieRob Milestone Marathon – Spider-Man Quintilogy


Well, it’s that time again… I have once again hit a movie milestone.  I have reached 900 reviews in the 16 months since beginning this site.


In order to celebrate this milestone, I decided to watch a marathon of the 5 movies in the Spiderman series; the trilogy with Tobey Maguire from the last decade and the two movies with Andrew Garfield that came out within the last two years.

As you’ll see from my reviews, I am more partial to the Tobey Maguire ones and wish that they would have continued those stories instead of deciding to reboot the whole series a mere 5 years after the previous one finished.

As a kid, I read a few Spiderman comics and watched the cartoon (that theme songs constantly gets in my head when I think of Spidey)

Here is a the clip for those of you who either aren’t familiar or actually want the song stuck in your head.


I am personally more partial to the DC comic universe, but being a fan of superheros, I can enjoy any ones that are made well and all 5 of these were done well.

Now, I’m gonna have to start thinking about what I’m gonna have to do when I reach my next milestone, the big K.  I’d appreciate any suggestions from you fine folks!

Enjoy my reviews of the Spiderman Quintrilogy.


Thanks again to all my followers, YOU inspire me to keep climbing the ladder of reviews!


11 thoughts on “MovieRob Milestone Marathon – Spider-Man Quintilogy

  1. Another nice choice! I would enjoy the first three Spider-Man films much more if I could just forget the third one existed…and imagine someone else in Tobey Maguire’s place. Lol. I feel you on the reboot though–I’ve enjoyed them, but five years after is way too soon. Ah well. Congrats on 900! Can’t believe you’re almost to the big 1,000!!


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