Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Easy Virtue (1928) – Movie Rob

Here’s another review by me for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. Check out my review of Easy Virtue (1928) here!

The Sporadic Chronicles


Today I welcome Rob, my fellow host for the Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon, with his first review on my site, though certainly not his first for the feature. If you don’t already follow Rob, that should change. There are an abundance of movie reviews going up daily, Rob is a movie watching machine!


Here is the 6th review for our Hitchcock blogathon (my 2nd).  This time, I’m reviewing another Hitchcock silent film called Easy Virtue (1928)

I know I’ll sound like I’m stuttering, but I’m not the biggest fan of silent movies and after my experience with The Ring (1927), I wasn’t expecting much from this film.

This movie was actually much better than the previous one that I saw because in fine Hitchcock form, it started out with a courtroom scene that explains to us what and who our heroine is.  Her name is Larita and she is in…

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