Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – The Farmer’s Wife (1928)


For the 7th Review of the Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon (my 3rd) here is a review of The Farmer’s Wife (1928)


This movie was torturous to watch.  Not only is it a silent movie, but the story was so strange and pointless in my eyes added to the fact that it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, I was completely disappointed.

The basic story is simple, a farmer’s wife dies and he decides with the help of his housekeeper and handyman to check out the local options for a new wife.

He basically makes a list of names and when meeting each of the women, he ends up proposing and getting dejected over and over.

This was so boring to watch.

It’s not as if he really learns anything new about each of the women when he had his “date” with them.  Most of the women fit the stereotype of spinsters, but ultimately this movie has very little to offer.

Those looking for Hitchcock’s turning point where his movie started to become watchable can keep looking for it.

Rating – Razzie Worthy

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