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For the 13th Film review for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, I once again bring you another review by Zoe from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginning Blogger.

Perhaps she found one worthy of the Hitchcock name?

Let’s find out.

Take it away Zoe!

the skin game poster

Synopsis: An old traditional family and a modern family battle over land in a small English village and almost destroy each other. – via IMDB

I must admit that I did not find myself particularly taken with this movie. It felt like it was forever and six days long, and it was rather bland. It almost had Romeo and Juliet aspects to it, but none of them pulled off so well (and by this I mean warring families, lovers torn apart, the whole katoot), but it just didn’t work for me.

The camera work was a little bit dodgy sometimes, and Mrs Hillcrist (Helen Haye) was a bit of a bitch, who is not someone I would have respect for or spend time with, truly. Almost everyone thought too much of themselves, and there were very few likable characters. The first half of the story is dead boring, and then the second half it picks up (once the blackmail gets under way). However, sometimes it all just gets a little confusing when people who are warring are suddenly chatting cordially, or crying their eyes out and sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. I liked Mr Hillcrist (C.V. France) more than most of the other characters, because he seemed a lot more genuine.

the skin game

The Skin Game is rather sad if you look at Chloe’s (Phyllis Konstam) predicament. However, I am still struggling a little with the logistics of her drowning, unless she knocked herself out and then fell in the pool? The conclusion brings the original couple in that was responsible for the entire argument coming to be, and even the movie acknowledges that they were nothing but a footnote, a way to get the movie started.

There were things I liked, such as how Chloe was desperate not to lose her lover, Charles (John Longdon), and that she was intent on having her life turned around. She was afraid and she was frantic to keep her past a secret, but it seemed that everyone else was intent on having it out. I thought it a terrible thing to threaten someone with, exposing a past that they have evidently worked hard to put behind them and move on from.

the skin game families

Overall there are certainly better Hitchcock films to spend time on, what with better sound, better camera work, and much more convincing acting and a more solid story. I think that this was just really bland for me, as though it should have brought more to the table and missed the mark a little bit, unfortunately.

10 thoughts on “Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – The Skin Game (1931) – The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginning Blogger

  1. I think at some point I should go and give one of these a go just to see how awful they are. I bet I don’t make it half way through. Lol!!

    Good sport, Zoe! Sorry it couldn’t have been a better one!


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