Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – Secret Agent (1936)


For the 19th Film to be reviewed for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, it is once again up to me to try and find some good early films from Hitchcock.  Do you think Secret Agent is among Hitchcock’s best?  Read on and find out….


secret agent

Well, I can’t say that this is one of his best, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Hitchcock finally (at least based on the one’s I’ve reviewed) finally got his hands on a taut thriller that he proved later in life to be his expertise.

This movie is about a British spy, who use to be a famous writer whose death was faked in order for him to go on a special mission.

He is tasked for finding a German spy with the help of two other spies.

During their mission, they contemplate what they are doing and two of them lose interest in their mission until circumstances change that.

John Gielgud is a bit stiff as the “hero”, but he was always a more Shakespearean actor than an actor suited for the lead in a thriller.

It is clear to see Hitchcock’s handiwork in this and knowing what will come years from when this was made, I must say it was more enjoyable to watch than any of Hitchcock’s previous films that I have reviewed for this blogathon so far.

Rating – Globe Worthy


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