Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Jamaica Inn (1939) – Movie Rob

For the next review in our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, here’s my review of Jamaica Inn.

The Sporadic Chronicles


Rob is back in action (I mean really?! Where else?) with another Hitchcock creation. I would wax on about wondering what he thinks about this one, but I will just cut to the chase and get out of the way so that Rob can keep us updated on how his journey is going!

jamaica inn poster

…and once again, Hitchcock stooped to the depths of disappointment in my eyes after watching this boring and silly movie.

He chose to do a period piece about criminals based at a local inn who looted ships and murdered the crews that of unsuspecting boats that they caused to crash on the rocks off of  the Cornish Coast.

Maureen O’Hara plays an innocent young women who is insistent upon going to this devious Inn because her aunt and uncle are the proprietors.  Little does she know that they are part of the gang looting the ships.


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