Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – Bon Voyage and Madagascar Landing (1944)


Here’s another review by me for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon.  Here’s what I have to say about Hitchcock’s two mid-WWII short propaganda films.

bon voyage - madagascar landing



During WWII, everyone tried to find a way to chip in and help the war effort. Hitchcock chose to help French film makers living in exile in Britain by directing two short propaganda films completely in French telling tales denouncing the Vichy government.

Both of these movie aren’t always counted among his films, but a compilation with both together in usually considered as one of his 63 films.

Bon Voyage tells the tale of a British pilot trying to contact the French resistance and get to safety after he escapes capture.

This movie is told via flashback and in Rashomon style where we get treated to two explanations of the same incident by two individuals who were there.

It’s intrtesting to note that only one actor is credited in this movie (the sole Anglo) since the rest of the cast were French actors who didn’t want the Vichy government to know who they were because it could cause repercussions to their families still in France.

Madagascar Landing is the story of a former resident of French Madagascar who retells the story of what happened with the resistance on that small island country before being liberated by the Allies.

The political and courtroom intrigue are both interesting and eventhough this ‘propaganda’ movie is only about 30 minutes long it is worthy of being a part of Hitchcock’s resume.

The one thing that bothered me here slightly was the fact that both of these short films were completely in French with english subtitles.

People that know me, know that I’m not the biggest fan of non English language movies, because I hate having to rely solely on subtitles, but this experience wasn’t so terrible for me.

Rating(s) – Globe Worthy

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