Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: I Confess (1953) – Life of this City Girl

Here is another review by Natasha from Life of this City Girl for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. Here’s what she thought of I Confess (1953).

The Sporadic Chronicles


Well howdy do, folks? I have great pleasure in welcoming Natasha back today for another review in this ongoing Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. She previously did Suspicion, and it was her first foray into Hitchcock. Let’s see if she liked I Confess as much as Suspicion!

I confess Poster

I Confess (1953) – My second venture into the world of Hitchcock

Well, Hello! I am back with my second and last instalment the Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon. Thanks for letting me take part in this Bestie and Rob. I love trying new (or very old in this case) things. It is part of my whole 2014 plan to be open to things I wouldn’t have explored initially, and very old movies fit perfectly.

I have to say I didn’t have the reservations about watching I Confess that I had watching Suspicion. I now have a bit of understanding how such an old…

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