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For Zoe’s final review for our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon, here is her review of The Trouble With Harry (1955)

the trouble with harry poster

SYNOPSIS: The trouble with Harry is that he’s dead, and everyone seems to have a different idea of what needs to be done with his body… – via IMDB

Eurgh. I don’t even want to have to write about this ridiculous movie. Such a pity that the last Hitchcock film I had to watch such a dreadful one. I am going to keep this brief.

dead harry

The Trouble With Harry was awful. Everything about it just… crap. Within twenty minutes I was desperate to rather watch one of Alfred Hitchcock’s silent films instead. The soundtrack annoyed me, the characters were absolutely useless and there was not one that you could actually like. The film took forever and six days to go nowhere, to be precise. Also, I am someone who enjoys dark humour/black comedy, but this really didn’t hit any of the spots, which was incredibly disappointing.

returning from harry

It seems that I am severely in the minority with my opinion (how in the hell did this film score the way it did?!), but this was one of my least favourite films to watch throughout this blogathon. I must admit it frustrated me endlessly. It was long, it was bland, and the story was simply ludicrous. There was no character development. Things just trundled along, except the relationships, which made no sense but moved at the speed of lightning. I was not happy. There is nothing that I can really say about it at all, and I can see myself talking in circles over it. Definitely not the way I was hoping to end my Hitchcock run. L

This is certainly not something I would recommend at all!

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