Spielberg Blogathon – Minority Report (2002)

For my first of my two reviews for the Spielberg blogathon, I bring you a review of Minority Report (2002).

This post is part of the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON hos­ted by Out­spoken & Freckled, It Rains… You Get Wet, and Citizen Screen­ings tak­ing place August 23–24. Please visit these host blogs for a full list of par­ti­cip­at­ing blogs.

Thanks to Kellee, Aurora and Michael for letting me be a part of this blogathon.

Minority_Report_Poster“Careful, Chief. Dig up the past, all you get is dirty.” – Gideon

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (Theater in 2002, DVD and 21 Aug 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A detective in the future works to prevent future crimes even before they are committed via the help of 3 ‘mutants’ who possess prophetic visions of these crimes that will occur. When he himself is accused of a future murder, he must try and figure out who and why he is being set up.

My Take on it – This was Spielberg’s 20th movie as director and his first collaboration with friend Tom Cruise.

The movie is based on a story written by the great Philip Dick and has great themes set in a futuristic world. Like his previously adapted stories; Blade Runner, Total Recall, The Imposter, Next, The Adjustment Bureau and Paycheck, he has always been able to show his knack for compelling, interesting and thought provoking futuristic sci-fi themes.

Is everything fated to happen or do we all ultimately have free will?  That is the main theme explored in this movie and with the use of special effects, it works extremely well.

The questions asked here are ones asked so many times beforehand, but Spielberg uses everything at his disposal to create a new twist to this age-old question.

Spielberg once again proved that he was able to move into a new unfamiliar genre (futuristic action) and bring us a fun and interesting movie to enjoy over and over for years to come.

I personally have seen this one numerous times and always love the way it is presented to us.

Bottom Line – Spielberg wields a great story with effective use of special effects and a thrilling mystery. Cruise is great in the title role. Highly Recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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14 thoughts on “Spielberg Blogathon – Minority Report (2002)

  1. Yah, I really recall loving every minute of this one. It’s a brilliant concept and well-executed too. Just with they could find someone other than Tom Cruise. I like him alright but this is another of those roles that might have been interchanged to make the film even more compelling. But I suppose if u lose Cruise, u lose the blockbuster-y effect that maybe Spielberg was going for. . .


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  3. Minority Report is no. 2 on my list of Top SciFi films (behind 12 Monkeys). It’s a great movie. Unlike a lot of modern SF movies, this isn’t just an action movie set in space or the future or with aliens. If you take away the SciFi elements of Minority Report, you wouldn’t have a movie. That Spielberg could stay focused on that while integrating great special effects and blockbuster action is a tribute to his skill as a filmmaker.


  4. I can’t stand Tom Cruise as a person but I think Steven Spielberg did a marvelous job to bring out the best in Cruise. As far as SciFi’s go, this is a great concept film. Nothing better than a SciFi done right! Thanks so much for joining our Blogathon!


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  6. Excellent review, Rob! Odd enough, I don’t know if I’ve ever sat down and watched this one beginning to end. I think I’ve seen most of it though, and what I’ve seen is really great. Nice choice! 🙂


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