Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: The Wrong Man (1956) – Snap Crackle Watch!

Here’s Melissa’s thoughts on The Wrong Man for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. Check it out! Tnx Melissa!

The Sporadic Chronicles


Joining us for the continuation of our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon today is the massively talented and highly entertaining Melissa of Snap Crackle Watch! You should head over to her site if you don’t already follow her. She has freaking fantastic gifs in her articles (if ever you need a laugh), great movie reviews, and in depth series episode reviews, all well worth the read. I will stop rambling now and move over for Melissa’s review!

pic 1

The Wrong Man
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Written by Maxwell Anderson & Angus MacPhail

To study and investigate Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, one has to imagine throwing a bunch of puzzle pieces on the table and pulling different pieces to create and shape a movie that is unmistakably a Hitchcock film. The usual elements are a story with some form of suspense weaved throughout the film, characters that are shown to be deeply and psychologically profound…

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