Movies From the Hat: John Dies At the End (2012)

 recommended by Eric of THE IPC


JOHN-DIES“You’re gonna die, Arnie. Someday you will face that moment. And at that moment you will face either complete nonexistence, or you will face something even stranger. On an actual day in the future, Arnie, you will be in the unimaginable. It is physically impossible to avoid it. ” – Dave

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The tale of two friends who are sent on a quest to save the world from an interdimentional menace.

My Take on it – Hearing about this movie’s concept, I was quite intrigued as to what to expect here.

There is no fixed genre of this story because it touches on so many all at once.

This is a sci-fi/ horror/comedy/mystery/adventure flick that ultimately fails due to a lack of a real identity.

Many movies successfully merge more than one genre, but even by doing so, they lean towards one major genre. This movie doesn’t do that and the viewer is left very confused by what’s taking place that it’s too easy to lose interest.

There is too much going on at once and the fast paced stroyline is more suitable for a book (which is what this movie is based on) than film because it just doesn’t translate easily enough.

There is definitely genius to be found in the plot and storyline, unfortunately it just doesn’t work well enough as a movie.

I really enjoyed the epilogue during the credits and this happens to really have an amazingly inviting title.

Bottom Line – Not nearly as good as I had hoped. The story has a nice mix of genres but is too much ‘all over the place’ that it ultimately detracts from the genius lurking beneath the surface.

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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