Movies From the Hat: Dreamscape (1984)

 Recommended by Vic


dreamscape“Nice place you got here. Who’s your decorator? Darth Vader? ” – Alex Gardner

Number of Times Seen – 1 (11 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A young psychic is recruited by the government to help the President overcone his daily nightmares.

My Take on it – This movie was one of the first PG-13 movies to be released.

The preview somewhat scared me when it came out and as a 10 year old, I apparently made a decision never to see this movie.

It took 30 years and a recommendation for me to finally overcome that fear and take the plunge to watch this movie.

Suprisingly, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The premise is very interesting and I liked the way that it was presented.

The idea of entering other people’s dreams has been explored in numerous movies, but this one was done extremely well.

The cast is excellent. Dennis Quaid, Max Von Sydow and Christopher Plummer are all captivating with Eddie Albert doing a fine job as The President.

It was very nice to see the two
future Oscar competitors who vied for the crown of being the oldest Oscar winner in 2011 work together.

My biggest gripe about this movie is the special effects which looked terrible. Even in 1984, the state of effects were on a higher level than this movie seems to show and that was quite disappointing.

Bottom Line – Good concept for a movie but the special effects seem so archaic nowadays. Quaid is great as always. Nice to see Von Sydow and Plummer together. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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8 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat: Dreamscape (1984)

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  2. So glad you liked it, Rob! One of my favorite sci fi films from that era. Lots of fun and very inventive. I don’t even mind the FX, it is part of the film’s charm for me, despite other big budgeted films having better resources. Good review, man! 😉


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