Movies From the Hat: Fish Tank (2009)

 Recommended by Kim

fish_tank_xlg“Keeley, it’s me. What’s going on? I’ve left like three messages. I said sorry, didn’t I? You know what I’m like. I was pissed off. Ring me back, you bitch. ” – Mia

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A young girl’s already crazy life is turned upside down when her mother’s new boyfriend moves in.

My Take on it – This is another movie which I wanted to like a lot more than I ultimately did.

The premise is simple. It’s a character study of a teenage girl who has a crazy life which gets even more complicated when her family dynamics are changed.

The problem that I had with it tho was that I felt that the whole story was just boring and pointless.

I found the scenes to feel very choppy and disjointed and didn’t care for any of the characters.

Maybe its just not the type of movie that I normally would enjoy or maybe the problem was my lack of being able to identify with any of the characters.

Regardless, I didn’t like this movie at all and couldn’t wait for it to end.

Bottom Line – Completely don’t understand the draw of this movie. Very choppy and pointless plot. Stay away!

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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11 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat: Fish Tank (2009)

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  3. It’s refreshing to read the words “boring and pointless” when it comes to an unenjoyable movie. Sometimes a person can’t – and shouldn’t – intellectualize a movie they just think is…well…boring and pointless.

    This is a terrific review. I think you did us readers a big favour by waving us away from this film.


    • Thanks Ruth,

      I try to be honest with my reviews, but am also aware that everyone’s taste differs, so I’m sure there are many out there who love this one, I, on the other hand did not 🙂

      Appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sorry to have put to through that. I am feeling bad but I do respect your opinion of it, seeing as I do think this movie isn’t for everybody (my boyfriend would hate it also) especially if you can’t connect with the characters. I think its a huge point for this one. 😉


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  7. Ah Rob, I knew I could come to your site and find what I was looking for. I tried Fish Tank on the weekend (been meaning to watch it for years) and just didn’t get into it. One of the few movies I found myself jumping forwards just because I found myself depressed and bored. I had high hopes for this one…but hey…


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