Quantum of Solace (2008)

 quantum-solace“The first thing you should know about us is… we have people everywhere. ” – Mr. White

Number of Times Seen – 2 (29 Nov 2008 and 18 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Minutes after the previous movie ends, Bond continues his mission in finding the organization behind the events from Casino Royale.

My Take on it – Having watched this practically back to back with Casino Royale (2006), I was finally able to experience this the way it was meant to be viewed.

This movie is an immediate follow-up to it and starts moments after the final scene which is a very rare occurrence even in a sequel.

The only time that I can recall this being done so well elsewhere is with the Back to the Future trilogy.

Daniel Craig is back as 007 and I really like the way that he portrays the character and I think he’s perhaps the best incarnation of Bond.

My one complaint about this movie is that it doesn’t share the momentum of its predecessor and is slower paced than one would expect fron the new sction hero Bond.

Bottom Line – Great sequel that is fun but still isn’t as fast paced as it’s predecessor. Very good edition into the Bond canon that still continues to inject serious action and thrills into the 50 year franchise. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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11 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace (2008)

    • Dunno. Just watched skyfall again today, so I’m done with Craig. Think I might watch each actor’s run in order but might work my way backwards. Brosnan, Dalton, Moore, Lazenby, Niven and then finally Connery but who knows. I try a bit to diversify my genres, so we’ll see when I watch my next Bond flick but I must admit that after seeing Casino Royale I felt I MUST rewatch all 3 Craig ones. Thanks again for the kick in the ass Luke


  1. Very interesting point Rob, I have only watched this in theaters which meant . . . yeah, that one-year gap between the two releases. If i watched this immediately after Casino Royale, I wonder if my initially luke-warm impressions would change. I didn’t exactly hate Quantum, but found it rather weak. Esp after following up CR. But again, I’m willing to give this a re-watch in sequence. Great review


  2. Yeah, I think this would have played better screened back-to-back. It’s an overly criticized Bond feature, for sure, and nowhere near as bad as some argue. Partly due to the writer strike that occurred during production. I did enjoy those quiet moments. Admittedly, that’s mostly because director Marc Forster put together some terribly edited action sequences. They’re still a mess, especially that boat sequence (a little less for the finale).


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  4. This never really impressed me; I don’t think it’s a terrible Bond film by any stretch, but coming after the amazing Casino Royale perhaps it was only going to disappoint. I particularly dislike the faux-Greengrass shaky-cam in the opening action sequence that put me way off-side from the opening minutes.


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