Genre Grandeur – Jason X (2001)

Next up for this month’s Genre Grandeur, we have Eric of The IPC who doesn’t ever mince words.

It still isn’t too late for anyone still wanting to participate in this month’s Grandeur.  Just send me your review by next Sunday, 28th September to and I’ll post it before the end of the month.

Heeereeee’s Eric!




This one’s come out recently enough that I didn’t even bother re-watching this bilge. Let’s see, Jason went to Hell in the last installment, right? At the end of 9, Freddie Krueger’s glove came out and grabbed the mask, setting up the crossover fans had been wanting for, for years. Well, before Freddie v.  Jason was produced, we got this.  Let’s think back – the movie (I believe) opens to a chained up (again) Voorhees, in some sort of prison where he is being evaluated in some way by some lame researcher. Something happens and they are all cryogenically frozen. Wonderful. Some 400 or so years later, after the Earth has been abandoned, the Earth 2 people come scavenging and thaw Jason and his researcher.  Yawns entail.


Eventually Jason ends up on the space ship vis-à-vis:  Jason Takes Manhattan,  he’s killed, he’s rebuilt by “reconstruction droids”, turns into “space Jason” (which is SOOOOOOOO LAME I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT), kills everyone and lands on ”Earth 2 Crystal Lake” to “start again”. SUCK.



Thanks again to Eric for this very informative review 🙂

13 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Jason X (2001)

  1. Dearest PSC,

    This series just got RIDICULOUS by the end. I can’t even remember half of them. However, I DO have a soft spot for Freddy vs Jason, but that might have to do more with the fact that I am a bigger Krueger fan.

    Not looking to rewatch any of these.




  2. I thought this was the best of the series after the first two. Terminator Jason!!!!! It was so 80’s even though it was made in the 90’s, kudos for that too! In the 90’s every horror villian was going into space, Hellraiser, Puppetmaster, Leprechaun…why not Jason? I think you should watch it a few more times, the film grows on you. 🙂


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