The Man Who Never Was (1956)

man who never was “Suppose I wanted to put a dead body in the sea, and let it float ashore, and have it accepted by the people who find it as the victim of an air crash at sea. What sort of body would I need? ” – Lt. Commander Ewen Montagu

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Oct 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Based on the true story by the British during WWII where they plotted to send a dead man on a mission to fool the Germans into believing false top secret plans regarding an invasion.

My Take on it – This was one of my late stepfather’s favorite movie. I actually had forgotten all about it over the years until I came across it by accident.

Once I heard the plot, I knew that this was the movie he always raved about.

The overall plot is actually a really simple one but the attention that this gives to details is superb.

A few of the smaller points seem a bit far fetched to have really happened as told, but when wanting to believe it as it is presented it’s easy to swallow it all up.

The cast is good but mostly uninspiring, but the extremely detailed story makes you forget all that.

I love me a good spy movie and some of the best ones take place during WWII. This movie can proudly now be a part of them in my book.

Bottom Line – Excellent story of espionage and intrigue during the dark days of WWII. Eventhough certain plot points seem too contrived it works so well that it doesn’t really matter. Great cast but the story is still what holds it all together. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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