Coherence (2013)

 coherence“No, we’re not splitting up. We’re just gonna go in two different groups.” – Mike

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Oct 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A group of friends get together for a dinner party on the night when a mysterious comet is set to cross the sky. Things start to get weird so they try to figure out what is really going on.

My Take on it – I like intelligently made movies and the plot of this one definitely fits that category.

Unfortunately, this movie tries too hard to be more and more interesting that the plot gets so convoluted and confusing about halfway through that it can easily lose the viewer’s interest.

That being said I really enjoy how dialogue driven this was and what’s even more impressive was that supposedly much of the dialogue was ad-libbed by the actors themselves.

Bottom Line – Very interesting premise that gets so confusing about halfway through that it’s quite easy to get completely lost. Really enjoyed how dialogue driven this film was. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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