Question of the Month: Halloween

A bunch of us answered Luke monthly question (well, not me really) 🙂 abt what we think is missing from the horror genre, see what everyone had to say. Thanks Luke

Oracle of Film

And so it begins. Halloween here at the Oracle of Film. Tomorrow, we have my review of Paranormal Activity, joined up with [.REC] over at What About the Twinkie (depending on how well his organisational skills are – touch wood!) But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because what would Halloween be without the scariest, creepiest people on the internet, combined into one article about horror movies. Forget Stalker Saturdays; we have just entered the domain of Stalker Sundays, people!

The question is as follows: What thing you would add to a horror movie to make it a perfect horror? This could be a phobia you want to see exploited. What movie monster would reduce you to a whimpering mess? It could be a director that hits the mark every time he attempts a horror movie. Or maybe it is a stock character that you think makes a horror movie…

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