Genre Grandeur – Chaplin (1992)

 chaplin“The tramp can’t talk. The minute he talks, he’s dead. ” – Charlie Chaplin

Number of Times Seen –  At least 5 times(Theater in 1992, video, DVD and 29 Oct 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The life story of one of the funniest men ever who created an iconic character on screen but had a very troubling life off it.

My Take on it – I remember seeing this in the theater in ’92 and loving it.

I hadn’t been exposed to Chaplin so much as a kid, but what little I knew and saw of his movies, I always enjoyed and sometimes even laughed out loud.

That being said, I knew absolutely nothing about his real life and the troubling marriages and his outspoken mannerisms.

This movie brings all of these elements to the forefront and we see both the man on the outside who wanted to entertain anyone and everyone who could, but also the sad, lonely man on the inside who had difficulties forming true human relationships.

Robert Downey Jr. is amazing as Chaplin and he  is able to show us both sides of this complex hero.  He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for this role, but unfortunately didn’t win because Al Pacino was also very good in Scent of A Woman (1992)

The supporting cast is also amazing and it’s surprising how many stars agreed to small cameo roles in this EXcellent biopic!

Bottom Line – Great way of telling the story of a man who only wanted to entertain people but had many issues in his personal life. Downey Jr. Is amazing as Chaplin. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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12 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Chaplin (1992)

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  4. Chaplin is one of my favorite biopics! I’m a fan of the little tramp and I could tell Richard Attenborough made the movie with respect and love for the man. Echoing what you said, Downey Jr. is amazing. I envy you for getting to see Chaplin on the big screen in ’92!


    • Completely agree with you about hiw this was made with such love by Attenborough. He was such a great director of biopics but this was clearly his best and most personal. What other biopics are on your list of favorites?
      Tnx for stopping by and commenting!


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