Predators (2010)

predators“Last time I looked, you didn’t need a parachute to get there. But it doesn’t matter what happened, or why. We’re here. Only question is, how do we get out?” – Royce

Number of Times Seen – 2  (6 Oct 2010 and 11 Nov 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A group of deadly warriors are hunted by the Predator Aliens in an unknown jungle.

My Take on it – I still recall the feeling of watching the original Predator (1987), in the theater 27 years ago.

Unfortunately, none of the other sequels even came close to repeating those feelings for me.

This time it worked.

Perhaps it was the jungle terrain or the fact that the characters actually were skilled enough to take on the threat or maybe it was due to the similar music score.

It actually doesn’t matter why it worked for me, it just did.

Yes, Adrian Brody is no Schwarzenegger, but he does seem to fit his character. As do all of the other characters chosen for the ‘team’. I liked how the eclectic group worked together against their common enemy.

The choice of a few nice plot twists along the way made the viewing even more enjoyable.

Bottom Line – A return to the look and feel of the original. The addition of some of the plot twists work well. None of the actors stand out, but the ensemble of characters are chosen well. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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19 thoughts on “Predators (2010)

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  2. The replay value on this movie is thru the roof for me. I catch myself putting the blu ray on here and there for something to watch in the background. Still doesn’t get the love it deserves since the middle act was a bit weak but I am partial to this sequel. Brody did just fine as the action lead, too. Fishburne was a bit weird, though. Good pick, Rob.


  3. Nice to find someone else who likes this one. It seems to have gotten a lot of flak, but I think it’s pretty good! My only big qualm, I think, is Topher Grace. He doesn’t seem to suit his character, y’know? But what I really need to do is see all of the first Predator film…because I still haven’t. :/


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