Before Sunrise (1995)

before sunrise“You know what’s the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? It’s when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with and you realize that is how little they’re thinking of you. You know, you’d like to think you’re both in all this pain but they’re just like “Hey, I’m glad you’re gone”. ” – Jesse

Number of Times Seen – 1 (16 Nov 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Two lonely souls meet on a train while travelling through Europe and decide to spend their remaining time together wandering around Vienna til dawn getting to know each other.

My Take on it – Here is my second of 5 reviews of movies that my good friend Table9Mutant of Cinema Parrot Disco “forced” me to watch after she won my movie road race quiz during Eric of the IPC’s Summer Shitfest 2014.

I actually avoided this movie and its sequels because I wrongfully believed that it would be boring following two strangers around while they just talked and talked all night.

Boy was I wrong!!!!

I am glad that I got to meet Celine and Jesse aboard the Paris bound train and spend 100 minutes eavesdropping on their thoughts about so many different topics.

I’m so happy that I finally got to see this and I cant wait to learn what happens to this couple when I meet them again 9 and 18 years on. (In the sequels)

The script is so well written that we believe their conversations and the characters themselves.

Bottom Line – Great portrayal of two strangers having a nightlong conversation. Excellent script that makes us believe that they are real. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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