Genre Grandeur – Commando (1985)

For the inaugural Genre Grandeur post for this month’s theme – 80’s action movies, here’s a review of Commando (1985) by Tim the Film Guy of Tim’s Film Review.

Next month’s Genre will be Holiday movies (it can be any film about any holiday).  To participate, just send me your review by 23rd of December to and I’ll post it!

Let’s see what Tim thought about Commando…


c1Commando (1985) Review

Commando is a film that delivers some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best fights and most memorable lines from ‘I’ll kill you last’ to ‘I lied’, its practically a one liner machine. The story is a very simple frame to contain the raw manliness that is the core of this film, Guns, muscles, explosions, muscles, hilariously bad dialogue and of muscles. This film is the greatest guilty pleasure in the history of cinema. Great film in a list of insane blow ‘em the shit up action movies that made up the 80’s.

“[Matrix has thrown a pipe through Bennett] Let off some steam, Bennett.”


Colonel Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is retired and living peaceably with his 10-year-old daughter (Alyssa Milano) when she is kidnapped by the henchmen of an exiled Latin American dictator. The dictator’s plan is to reinstate himself in power by eliminating the president of his country, using Matrix to kill him (or he will kill the kidnapped daughter).

Commando serves as a template for many future action flicks, for better or worse it is undeniable. It’s not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career of action films but it sets the genre in the right path of great pace and perfect amount of guns and explosions, by which I mean lots. I think with all the action that is packed in this film that you tend to forget about the plot which is a military guy whose daughter gets kidnapped which by its self is pretty damn good, and not too dissimilar to ‘Taken’ (except it’s massively more explosive and far more stupid). I do miss this kind of insanity only the 80’s could give us.


My favourite scene would have to be the mall scene when he picks up the phone booth and throws it at a group of cops, it’s hard to describe how funny that part truly was to me, in tears is the best I can do.


Thanks again to Tim for this awesome review!

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