The Accused (1988)

 accused“Listen again…”A person is guilty of criminal solicitation if he commands, induces, entreats or otherwise persuades another person to commit a felony-” – Kathryn Murphy

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times (Cable in the 80/90’s and 27 Nov 2014)

Brief Synopsis – After a women is brutally gang-raped in a bar, she seeks justice against everyone involved with the help of her attorney.

My Take on it – This is a movie that really gets you thinking about what possibly causes people to commit certain crimes.

It is based on a real case where a similar thing happened eventhough I’m sure it wasn’t exactly like it was portrayed here.

The way that they filmed the courtroom scenes was done in such a great way that we not only get to hear the description of what happened, but also see it.

Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis are both great here.

Ironically, they both thought it would bomb and Foster even planned to quit acting when that happened.

She went on to win her first (of two) Best Actress Oscar statues.

Interestingly, this movie is one of the few where an actress won the Oscar, but they didn’t get any other nominations besides that one.

There were so many famous actresses who turned down one (if not both) of the lead parts. McGillis herself declined the role that Foster got because of the fact that a few years prior, she herself was a victim of abuse.  This was actually one of the main reasons she lobbied so hard for the part of the lawyer.

Bottom Line – Great courtroom drama that gives us a clear visualization of what really happened. Foster and McGillis are both excellent.  Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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9 thoughts on “The Accused (1988)

  1. Interesting read Rob.

    I think the overly dramatic response on the part of Foster, claiming that she’d quit acting if the movie were to bomb, speaks to the incredible insecurity of performers. It’s funny though, I’ve never thought of Jodie Foster as being insecure, but that goes to show. I’m sure it is an understandable reaction to have though. If you put everything you have into something, and then expect it to not do anything for you, it’s reasonable to think you should turn away from things like that forever. Good thing she didn’t though, in retrospect.


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