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007-December Blogathon

Today’s Bond reviews will be of James Bond’s first “official adventure – Dr. No.  There will be 4 reviews of this movie sparsely spread out throughout the day.


For the first review of Dr. No, here’s Luke from Oracle of Film‘s opinion on it.

Thanks Luke!

dr no2DR NO (1962)


World domination. The same old dream.


Number of Times Seen: 3


Brief Synopsis: A British spy is killed during an investigation in Jamaica and agent James Bond is sent to uncover what happened.


My Take On It: People praise Dr. No for being one of the better Bond films. Why? Well, simply put, it came first. That much is clear from the absence of certain trademarks: the opening sequence, the addition of Q. However, I believe that being first doesn’t exactly equal greatness and there is a lot lacking from the first Bond film.


Not that I blame the writers or directors for that. At the time of Dr. No’s release, it wasn’t meant to be much more than yet another adaptation of a novel. No one could predict the franchise having more sequels than any other movie character out there. As a result, Dr. No is lacking in certain thrills. Joseph Goodman’s villain only ever appears for the last act and the movie’s pace is a lot more cumbersome and thoughtful than the Bond movies we have grown to love.


Dr. No is far from a bad movie though. In fact, despite me ranking in lower than most people, I still see it as a decent movie with Sean Connery nailing the character of 007. It has a nice, little conspiracy element to it and the climax works as a great pay-off at the end of the movie. A must-see for any Bond fan.


Bottom Line: This is Bond before anyone worked out the formula, yet it still holds a decent amount of thrills. Connery shines.

One thought on “007 December – Dr. No (1962) – Oracle of Film

  1. Nice job, Luke! Sounds like I might have liked this one a bit more than you. I agree that the villain is kind of lame, but I just had a lot of fun with it. I’m always going to be a Craig Bond girl at heart, but Connery is pretty wonderful, too.


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