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007-December Blogathon






For today’s first Bond related review, here’s yet another review by Luke of Oracle of Film. Today’s film is Thunderball (1965)

Thanks again Luke!





Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.


Number of Times Seen: 3


Brief Synopsis: Bond has a weekend off, but accidentally stumbles across evidence suggesting that SPECTRE are up to something yet again.


My Take on It: Thunderball is the Bond movie where things started going downhill. Not that Thunderball is by any means a bad movie, quite the opposite in fact, but there are a few things that make it seem lacklustre compared to From Russia With Love and Goldfinger.


For one, it is the first Bond that seemed a little rigid in formula. Largo is a cut and pasted villain, a sub-Blofeld if you will, his one distinguishing feature an eye-patch. Domino, the Bond girl, is also very generic, not being remembered too well in the archives. The only supporting character that really stands apart from the crowd is Fiona Volpe, our first female baddie, playing the femme fatale figure deliciously, parodying the simpering Bond girls who came before her.


However, Thunderball is still an enjoyable watch. Who needs an impressive supporting cast when you are having this much fun with Sean Connery? Whether he is swimming through a shark-infested pool, having a punch-up in an out of control boat or sleazily picking up women in a spa resort, he is a joy to watch, especially one scene where he lingers in dangerous territory, just so he can quickly eat a grape. Connery has Bond’s persona perfected at this point, making him incredible to behold. The only scenes that don’t really work are the underwater fights and that is a limit to filming underwater, rather than anyone being bad at their jobs.


Bottom Line: A routine Connery adventure, but still very enjoyable. Connery is as excellent as ever.



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