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For today’s final review of another “unofficial” Bond film, here are my thoughts on the only Bond film that I had never seen before…The bond-spoof Casino Royale (1967) with David Niven and Peter Sellers.

Thanks to Anna for her review earlier today!


casino royale“You can’t shoot me! I have a very low threshold of death. My doctor says I can’t have bullets enter my body at any time. ” – Jimmy Bond

Number of Times Seen – 1 (3 Dec 2014)

Brief Synopsis – In a spoof of the Bond series, a long retired James Bond must work as the head of MI-6 and must send a new agent using his persona to win a card game against Le Chiff.

My Take on it – This is the only full length Bond movie (despite it not being canon) that I have never seen before now.

I now am extremely grateful for that fact, because I’m not sure I would have wanted to rewatch this terrible movie.

The plot (which is far removed from either the other two movies or the source novel) is ludicrous and isn’t very competent.

David Niven and Peter Sellers are far from being reasonably cast as Bond. Their characters are so unattached from what we know of Bond that it’s laughable.

Orson Welles as the villain also seems misplaced and whats with the magic tricks while playing cards in a casino?

I actually read that there was so much strife between all the actors on set that it was a miracle that they managed to finish it.

Unfortunately for us they did finish it and the back stage fighting is clearly visible within the final product.

The one and only bright note is a young Woody Allen who once again proved his comic genius works with one liners and self depreciating humor despite everything crumbling around him.

Bottom Line – Very disappointing spoof that tries too hard to parody the Bond series. Sellers, Niven and Welles are no fun at all. I only enjoyed Woody Allen’s performance as Bond’s nephew.

Rating – Razzie Worthy


Here’s the main title song:


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7 thoughts on “007 December – Casino Royale (1967) – MovieRob

  1. The fact that there were five directors tells you they were mostly just fooling around and spending the studios money playing at making a movie. The song is the one good thing in the movie. The poster is one thing outside of the film to recommend.


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  4. This movie is awesome! So shut up! But I get why people don’t like it. I didn’t like it the first time I saw it but it’s grown on m over the years. Now that I know what to expect, I love it! And I watch it every three or four years or so.

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