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007-December Blogathon

For today’s final review of The Man With a Golden Gun (1974), here are my thoughts on it.

Thanks again to Luke and Jonathan for their reviews earlier today!

mgg1“Miss Anders… I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” – James Bond

Number of Times Seen – 2-3 Times  (Cable in the 80’s and 90’s and 9 Dec 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Bond is sent to find a mysterious master assassin who apparently has him on the top of his hit list.

My Take on it – For Roger Moore’s second outing as Bond, we are treated with one of the best Bond villains, Scaramanga who is as mysterious as can be and can only be identified by a mark that he shares with Chandler Bing; a third nipple.

Christopher Lee portrays him exceptionally and I wish he had been developed even more and given more to do.

His top henchman is played by the actor we all know and love as Tatoo from Fantasy Island, Herve Villachaize and he too has been under appreciated in the Bond world.

Nick Nack is a devious little man who’s strengths are with his agility and mind games and IMHO is unmatched by any other Bond henchman since most only do exactly as the main villain commands them. Nick Nack goes beyond that in order to appease his master.

This movie once again bring us the usual Bond death defying thrills and ladies and no one can complain that this movie doesn’t follow the Bond template.

Bottom Line – Christopher Lee is great as the villain and is one of the most interesting Bond villains. Herve Villachaize is an excellent henchman who has been mostly under appreciated over the years. Typical Bond thrills and adventure that gives us what we want. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy

Here’s the main title song:


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