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 007-December Blogathon

Here’s my closing review of Brosnan’s first turn as Bond in GoldenEye (1995).

Thanks to Luke, Mikey and Justine for their reviews earlier today

goldeneye2“Unlike the American government, we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN. ” – M.

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times (Theater in ’95, video and 17 Dec 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Bond is sent to find out who is behind the takeover of a Russian weapon in space before they use it to destroy key targets.

My Take on it – I recall the debate back in the 80’s as to whether Pierce Brosnan would be the perfect James Bond, but due to his Remington Steele commitment, he couldn’t take on the role that eventually went to Timothy Dalton.

Truth is after seeing the resulting Bond that Brosnan became, I think Dalton was actually the better choice and Brosnan subsequently ranks amongst the bottom tier of Bond actors.

The plot here is actually pretty good and shows that Bond can still exist in the post Cold War era even with Russia being a major part of the storyline.

I enjoyed some of the plot twists here that come totally expectantly without much explanation afterwards, but that is still par for the course of Bond flicks.

Loved the cameo of Sean Bean as 006 in the opening credits scene, he actually could have also made a great 007 in the day.

Also, nothing like seeing Bond maneuver a tank through a town. 🙂

Great title song by Tina Turner!

Brosnan played Bond a total of four times and this is one of his best, but still not as good as The World is Not Enough (1999) in both plot and acting.

Bottom Line – Brosnan is an ok Bond, not nearly as good as everyone had hoped.  This movie proves that the Bond continuity can continue with multiple actors. Nice post-cold war adventure. Not Brosnan’s best, but still better than most of his outings. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


Here’s the main title song:


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