007 December – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) – Oracle of Film

007-December BlogathonHere’s Luke of Oracle of Film with his review of Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

Thanks again Luke!

tomorrow never dies1TOMORROW NEVER DIES

“It’s just up to you to decide how much pumping is needed, James.”

Number of Times Seen: 4

Brief Synopsis: Elliot Carver, media mogul, seems to know about international affairs before the British government does. Is he up to something?

My Take On It: I am beginning to draw a lot of comparisons between Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore. I have always criticised Moore for being too ‘routine’ with his performances. He shows up, has fun and collects his paycheck. His depiction of Bond never grows or scratches beneath that smooth, cool exterior. Not bad, but a little lacking. However, as I watch Brosnan swagger his way through some excellent set-pieces with Tomorrow Never Dies, I question whether he does anything differently. I will always be a Brosnan fan, but even I admit that it is the movies more than the actor, who holds up this era of Bond so well. Pierce Brosnan definitely looks the part with that jet-black hair, piercing eyes and the smooth voice of an actor that can handle any badly-written quip thrown his way. But seeing as both Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies have been so firmly set on having fun, is this any different to what Moore did for seven movies? Does this make me a hypocrite?

Regardless, I don’t care, but I definitely had fun with this one. The villain was imaginative and different. The action was handled extremely well, being constant yet always fresh. The Bond girls are really good here. Teri Hatcher manages to peel away Brosnan’s armour and show us a more emotional side to Bond, even if the moment is rather fleeting. Michelle Yeoh picks up Bond girl duties in the second half and while her character suffers from being captured every two minutes, she does just scream cool. But in the centre of it all, we have good old Pierce. Yes, the performance doesn’t ever grow from ‘he looks so damn cool’, but director Roger Spottiswoode question whether we even need any more than that. Tomorrow Never Dies makes a good argument that we could make hundreds more movies of just having Bond blow something up and saying a cringe-worthy innuendo immediately afterwards. For the moment, routine action seems to be getting the job done day in and day out.

Bottom Line: Fun, fun, fun. Pierce Brosnan has nailed the look of Bond, which means when you give him a quality action like Tomorrow Never Dies, you are in for a spectacular ride!

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