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007-December BlogathonFor the first review of the final day of this Blogathon, here, once again is a review by Luke of Oracle of Film

Thanks for all of these Luke!



“I’m sure we will have one or two more close shaves.”


Number of Times Seen: 2


Brief Synopsis: M and MI6 are threatened by a cyber-terrorist. Bond returns from the dead to stop him.


My Take On It: Skyfall is more than just another Bond movie. This is the 50th Anniversary of James Bond and Sam Mendes is given the hefty job of doing the canon justice in a single movie. Therefore, we are treated to several references from the past, including the exploding pen, the Aston Martin DB5 and a rare insight into Bond’s origins. Skyfall is definitely a celebration of Bond and Mendes, despite a few grumbling about him being the choice for director, easily does the job better than expected. As a director, he has complete mastery of the legend of Bond, and conveys it to the audience and actors well, making Skyfall a very holistic success. Every part of this movie does its job and no stone is left unturned, when it comes to delivering the perfect Bond experience.


In fact, even if there is a niggling part of me that condemns Skyfall for being too stuck in the past 50 years rather than the next 50, I have to admit that there is a lot to like about this film. The opening sequence is incredible, dedicated to reminding us that James Bond is nothing less than undeniably awesome. We get the reinvention of Q (and a few more faces to boot), an incredible performance from Javier Bardem, as the sinister Silva, and much more. In fact, as every scene begins, it seems there is nothing new to take your breath away. Sometimes it is the perfect quip from Craig, sometimes it is a beautiful piece of cinematography, and as we get nearer the end, it could be that perfect twist that few will see coming. Bring on the next one!


Bottom Line: The perfect celebration of Bond. Everything I love about the character is condensed into one non-stop thrill ride.

3 thoughts on “007 December – Skyfall (2012) – Oracle of Film

  1. My big problem is that 007 is an awful, incompetent agent in this. He had one mission – protect M – and he decides to take her to the middle of nowhere with only Albert Finney and a shotgun as protection. This results in her dying. Epic fail, Bond. He should be facing the sack not getting a handshake from the new M!


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