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007-December BlogathonHere’s Kim of Tranquil Dreams with her review of Skyfall (2012)

Thanks again Kim!

skyfall poster

The final review that I’m contributing to 007 December Blogathon is also the latest Bond release, Skyfall.  Honestly, I was pretty excited to see this because I was talking to my really good friend (who is a Bond fanatic) about which is his favorite Bond movie and he said it was this one.  I don’t trust his judgment for many movies but I do when it comes to Bond.  Plus, I’m a huge fan of Daniel Craig’s Bond.


Director: Sam Mendes


Cast: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw


A ghost from M’s (Judi Dench) past is back to haunt her by threatening her secret agents and attacking MI6 headquarters. Bond (Daniel Craig) is sent in to track down who is behind this and stop them before things get out of hand.

skyfall bond

Skyfall is THE BEST Bond movie I’ve ever seen.  Okay, I admit that I haven’t seen a lot of them but from the recent ones I’ve seen and remember vaguely, this one kicks some serious ass.  Why? Its fast-paced, witty dialogue, great characters, amazing plot and so many awesome moments.  It was so well-balanced and set up in just the perfect way.  I love it!

skyfall severine

Whats really awesome about Skyfall is that I keep searching for that James Bond feeling and I haven’t really felt it.  I don’t really know how to describe it, I guess. I liked Casino Royale and I enjoyed Quantum of Solace, granted I don’t remember much of either of them now except for a few scenes. Skyfall is different.  Daniel Craig seems to carry himself as James Bond in a convincing way where I actually can see the charm and attraction that he has.  Plus, this one is a whole lot steamier and sexier than previous ones.


Aside from that, I like the whole attacking home base making it more personal.  It also looks at bringing M as more than just a person behind the scenes of MI6 but rather she’s involved more now that she’s the center of attention.  It shows a different side of her and Bond if anything.  Its always nice to see an action thriller that has some character development as well.

skyfall silvaMy praise also goes out to Javier Bardem as Silva, the villain.  Silva is an intense character.  He’s so smart but so very crazy for his revenge.  Javier Bardem handles the character brilliantly. Nothing quite makes a movie like finding that well-designed villain to make the good guy look better.


Skyfall is just amazingly good.  To me, its 007 at its absolute best.  Daniel Craig is fun to watch because his character gets to grow and we see him a little more raw and the depth. We get to know M a little better on a more personal note as well, while introducing characters like Mallory, Q, etc.  The pace made it so gripping and intriguing to watch.  Plus, the sexiest Bond girl yet has to go to this one’s Severine played by Berenice Marlohe.  I had to mention that. Goes without saying that I highly recommend this one!

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    Check out the last review I wrote for 007 December Blogathon over at MovieRob’s for Skyfall. I was THE BEST James Bond experience I had and the review says it all.
    If you haven’t checked out the other posts on MovieRob’s blog or the other entries in this 007 Blogathon, you definitely should check it out. I’ve been slowly catching up myself and the posts are all extremely awesome! 🙂


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