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For the next entry in this month’s Genre Grandeur – Holiday movies, here’s a review by Tim of Tim’s Film Reviews of The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

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Let’s check out what Tim thought of it.




The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) Review

I love the classic story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and I also love ‘The Muppets’ so combining the two makes a classic Christmas film for all the family. As for the casting you couldn’t have picked any better than Michael Caine (my cocaine) as the grumpy Ebenezer Scrooge, picking him was great because he brings seriousness to the main character whilst crazy puppets dance around him, not sure many could do this. The original story remains the same whilst the Muppets spin and side jokes add a lighter take on this tale, but also without taking away from Scrooges journey of Christmas enlightenment. This films music is its main selling point to me and I can’t think of any other Muppets films that beat it in terms of musical charm and quality.

To start off let’s talk about the acting. The acting is great and you also get to see some excellent British actors who really look young in this film now. The main Ebenezer Scrooge played by the excellent Michael Caine is a fantastic scrooge and one of my favourite interpretations of the character, he plays a man in charge who clearly has no limits to his cruelty and a lack caring, to me the character is like most of the descriptions in the original story so well done Caine for that. As for the rest of the cast there aren’t really many in it for very long and so I will go onto another category. The songs and sounds of the film, the best of the film were the songs and music, loved it from start till end and will feature my favourite at the end.

The Visuals are good for a comedy with puppets like this and even if most of it looks naffe as you’d expect, who the hell cares it’s the Muppets, and who doesn’t love those silly little guys? The scene with the ghost of Christmas future actually scared me a little, the way he appears out of the fog and in that dark cloak never uttering a word but only pointing with bony fingers. A little older I appreciate the imagery more and think it is a fantastic portrayal of the future ghost, on a similar note I really liked the other ghosts as well and the ghost of Christmas present delivers one of my favourite songs in the film.

My favourite scene would have to be when Scrooge tells his workers that they would be without a job if they don’t stop complaining about the lack of coal, and then they start playing ‘This is my island in the sun’ gets me every time.


Thanks Tim!

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  2. I did an entire Scrooge month on my blog and reviewed 37 versions of Christmas Carol. Muppets is my 2nd favorite I love it! It’s funny, sweet and includes tons of the text. It’s great!

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