007 December Summary and Recap

007-December Blogathon

Well all good things must come to an end and since it’s now the end of December, that also means that we have finished the 007 December Blogathon.

James Bond 9This month was amazing, I am so pleased that we were able to have a total of 77 reviews spanning the 26 movies related to James Bond.

A HUGE HUGE thanks to Luke of Oracle of Film for reviewing all 23 “official” Bond films.

I’d also like to thank the other 20 bloggers who joined in

Cara, Mike, Zoe, Ruth, Kim, Richard, Sherise, Ryan, Kieron, Niall, Jonathan, Anna, Tom, Drew, Natasha, Troy, Vicki, Justine, James and Cindy

You are all amazing and I loved every one of your reviews!

As a treat, here’s a 007 spoof by the great Rowen Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean)



Keep an eye on my site, because I plan to announce this month my next blogathon endeavor that I hope to once again get you all involved with.

Happy New Year!



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